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As New Zealand has become the ninth space industry country to be commercially  soon in launching payloads into orbit,  from New Zealand  north Island west coast line in Mahia Peninsula  on from a  22nd May 2017, with the launched window at in between 0900 to 2000 hours New Zealand Time..  in which this is the first commercial company in New Zealand in joining the Space industry in the provisions of providing affordable unique launch carriers … in which in its Home-grown Uniqueness is New Zealand Made comes to  mind is Rocket Lab.. 

As the building up to the to the launch window during the 22nd of May 2017, there’s been few weather related setbacks but none of technical issues came across towards the final launch that happen on 25th May 2017, in which on a partially clouded day with the right launching environmental weathering criteria, The Launched of the Rocket Lab was initiated nicknamed “IT’S A TEST”

In the past various launch complex sites was considered in various parts of New Zealand in which gives a suited launch location Mahia Peninsula was chosen to be the newly acquired first launch complex for Rocket lab’s carbon fibre hulling rocket the Electron.. In which stands at seventeen meters long, that’s half the length of a Captain Jean Luc Picard’s Sovereign Class Captain’s Yacht in which sits at 33.5 meters long.….

The home grown Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket comes with many New Zealand made innovations, in the hulling shell of the rocket is made out from durable sleek Carbon fibre with its innovative home grown clustered Rutherford Oxygen-Kerosene 3D printed Engines in which akin to the same design linage to the Soyuz, SpaceX, Blue Origin engine clustering…. The Electron is interesting innovative it’s takes many elements of Plug and Payload in which the payload make it easier to install at the Assembly building facilities. .   then readily install on the launch complex launcher ramp on the same design elements like the Russian’s Soyuz’s, Space X in which there’s been some interesting challenges in building the launch complex from the ground up but with the team that thinks innovatively like Admiral Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen “Scotty” Scott Chief engineer of the constitutional class Enterprise they can’t go wrong..….

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