#BOEING #B737MAX | Chilling out for certification for Flight testing in the Siberian winters..


As part of the testing processes for certification of a new aircraft also to test to see if any given any changes that needed to modify before it’s certified for the aircraft production and ordering for any new clients..  One method is for Boeing also Airbus uses is call the cold testing… Taking the Boeing 737Max Aircraft into unfamiliar environments, in where this case one of the most coldest regions on Earth, winter bounded Russia in where a cup of hot water when thrown in mid-air automatically turns to snow, in which is so cold that your hair, will freeze on an instant faster than instant noodles..

As the testing team, was testing the aircraft in those beyond minus forty degrees Celsius, mostly everything of any liquids was removed, also the aircraft Boeing 737Max is powered down for the night over the till the Siberian morning came in till they have to resupply the B737Max systems thermally warm supplied fuel into its tanks from the heater Trucks , also any liquid based systems quickly, also this gave to chance to modified any quality assurances systems that may check off previously, once refueled, resupplied it was ready to fly into its next certification programme to assure customers reassurances that the Aircraft is built for to survive  this type of harsh environments that’s under taking..

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