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On 14th March 2017, it’s the ninth set launch for the “ULA-Untied Launch Alliance” on a Delta IV Medium plus (5.4) Configuration launching a “Ninth- WideBand Global SATCOM Satellite for the United States Air Force…    The launch of the WGS-9  SATCOM will be launch from the East coast Florida, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from SLC-37- Space Launch Complex 37…. The launch window is no earlier than Tuesday with at the moment there’s not specific timing for the Launch window that’s yet to avail… due to some following recently Solid Rocket Booster issue ….

The Delta IV Medium plus (5.4) Configuration Carrier rocket consist of four main Solid Rocket Boosters, with the Delta IV engine with the RS-68A Engine.. as for the secondary stage in which is DCSS- Delta Cryogenic Second Stage powered from a RL10B-2 Engine..

The payload itself is an Untied States Air Force Satellite client, in which providing essentials Data communications, with an extremely High Capacity enhancement capabilities to the American Defence forces, personal and systems for the next Decade… The Boeing Manufactured  WGS-9 SATCOM one of many primary purposes is itself ulitizites itself as Command and Control, Communications Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), in which provides the provisions of Combat Data analysis support of the theater of operations of informationally… Its communications broadcast systems sits on UHF frequencies in the allocation of 500MHz of the X-band and one GHz of the Ka Band spectrum…  As WGS-8 is in operations, the Tenth is one of series on contract order among with the network of tenth WSG-10… The WSG-9  One of the essential many components is it’s propulsion systems, in which as a industrial leading on utilizing the 702HP Boeing satellite Platform in a cost effective Xenon-ion Propulsion Systems-XIPS in which with  moving effectively with in obtaining that Data…



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