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Hosting, presenting   is Amanda Kuker Launch Commenting   On 1st March 2017 on a very clear bright Wednesday Morning on Vandenberg Air Force Base, from “ULA- United Space Alliance”  Space Launch Complex SLC-3 is the launch of the United States National Reconnaissance Office launch Designation number 79 launched on that 0950 morning Pacific Standard Time… Among with at broadcast of the launch commencing at 0930 morning Pacific Standard Time … it’s the first of three NORL’s in which bounded be launched in.   In which will be launched towards a LEO- Low Earth Orbit attitude in which will be operated as a Naval Reconnaissance Satellite  the Launch process when without any issues, as it was basically was a textbook launch.. The weather range is clear…. The NORL-79 launch is a memorial launch of a fallen Hero, a Father also a dearest friend delicate to Ryan S. Osler VCFD whom passed away on 2016 in fighting the wild canyon fires …..  The NORL-79 launch livery patch design by the client, features the goddess Athena, which features Athena in Armour with the shield of Medusa, in which defending the protect with wisdom, body, purity among written in Roman “Victory through intelligence”

The NROL-79 main booster rocket carrier powered by a RD-180 Engine is the Lockheed Martin Atlas V with a (401) configuration in which one Atlas V main stage with a Centaur secondary carrier stage powered by a RL10C-1 engine carrying the NROL-79 into a Low Earth Orbit with a four meter faring…

Due to the nature of the Launch coverage it was shorten due to the nature of the payload also the Client request in which was conclude on the Payload faring deployment…  … In which is basically designed to tracking ships also Aircraft based on their radio signals in using various triangulation methods, also gathering various forms intelligence’s, also assisting intelligence,  which also on gathering weather data analysis.. …

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