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As the build up towards “Boeing 100” Boeing’ one hundred years of innovating designing, building, manufacturing all forms of Aircraft and spacecraft, celebrating those hundred years, in preparations on 15th July 2016, for the centennial projection Spectacular show, “59 Productions” was invited to features animated sequences in which was projected onto a Boeing 747-800 series aircraft, the largest in its flagship fleet in getting most of the projection..  During the staging of the production for eighty thousand guest with thirty performances in the centennial celebrations featuring five different aircraft of its fleet, B747, towards the B787 series..  with the combination of using the B747-800 series with as a blank canvas screen projected onto the Boeing 747-8 screen is 30 projectors stack up three high / Ten wide also other screens was used in the process in bringing out the 100 years of Boeing with High Definition 80 feet by 40 feet LED screens side by side to storytelling the history of Boeing..  also with a eighty tonne air conditioner to cool down the equipment..

The team from 59 Productions collaboration with Boeing went on using scale models of various scales, in getting to know how the projection works applies to the actual scale of a Boeing 747-800 series also some scenes they had to used green screen to elaborate more of Boeing’s history storytelling….

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