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USS Aventine is an extreme heavy long range Science vessel; it was commission in the late 24th century, as of year 2381 it was under command of the Captain Ezri Dax with her crew 750 on board…  The Vesta Class has a total length of 672 Meter long slightly longer than the Galaxy class… in which this class was the successor of the Intrepid, Nebula, pathfinder, Luna science Class Starships…

Also this class was the test bed vehicle for slipstream Drive in which is the propulsion system is highly advance than traditional Warp, Trans Warp Drive. In which Slip stream drive is least between 100,000 to 10, 000 times more, more fast than traditional Warp Velocities…  The Vesta class is also featured on Star Trek online, as one of the most dangerous science ships than to the smaller pathfinder class…

The USS Aventine clip production is Gorgeous designed, with those sleek feminine silhouette  lines  Lynx Mukka-Structural Analysis, David Metlesits- Spaceship mesh Creator, Mark Radmaker- advance Quantum Designer, Billy Bowers – 3D Mesh Converter..

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