SPACE X- NASA | CRS-9 Falcon- resupplying the International Space Station….


On 18th July 2016,  “ Space X” is on it ninth resupply mission to the International Space Station on “Commercial Resupply Services number nine CSR-9“…. The morning launch from launch complex 40 went without any problems in which the window of launch went on as normal at 12.45 am eastern date time (0445 UTC). Orthough this flight will be relativity textbook easy than the off shore drone ship landings it’s been the first for a while when Space X tries to perfect the process in landing on landing pad with lots of parameters hence using the offshore landing ship to learn from in getting it right..

As into ten minutes of the flight heading into orbit Dragon Nine with its supplies, of research, equipment, vital supplies in which the crew and the International Space Station need  with various experiments ranging from Magnetic Levitation to Frozen wax with highly modified  Bio molecule Sequencer that’s design for the space station.. also for long term to see how DNA responds for the long term travel beyond the moon.. Dragon Nine is expected to arrive at the International Space Station within two days’ time…

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