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As “AIR NEW ZEALAND” keeps awarding excelling in its winning inflight safety video’s, as award winning from the iconic themes of Lord of the rings and hobbit trilogies, with the men in black representing the team “All Blacks”… this year it’s about Comedy and Hollywood.. The #SafetyinHollywood is based on many ionic film genres from police investigations in New York to romantic streets of France to where two couples played by New Zealand Comedian Rhys Darby calls fellow actor Anna Farris on what genre will take to win awards in Hollywood each of them brainstorms various genre like the New York Police, the French romance, to the scary thriller traveling to the classic western where they have to Draw in a gun sling in an open street..  Also as Phys Darby also Anna Farris play their many parts in roles as the two well-known Air New Zealand Flight attendants Sophie and Daniel presenting Chester the Chihuahua… The    #SafetyinHollywood inflight video was film in the back lots of the Universal studios Hollywood in Studio city where most of the in studio production stages magic takes place……

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