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LUNA PHOTOGRAPHY | AKL- 26th April 2016

April 28, 2016

AKL- 26 April 2016 - the Moon Luna is n waning back to New moon

AKL- 26 April 2016 – the Moon Luna is n waning back to New moon

AKL- 26 April 2016 - the Moon Luna is receding back to new Moon also this photo is dedicated to Cherry Wong ..

A very much further view of the Moon Luna as the Terminator is Back as the Luna moves towards Waning ….

On the night of 26 April 2016 the moon Luna is in the process of at waning has it past full moon which happen on the night of the 23th in which brightens up the night sky then and now towards new moon. In which the moon rises very much later in the night to view in Auckland… As when the Moon was in full  laminating the night making it easier to walk during the night without or using less use of a torch when you walk up to the summit of One Tree Hill in Auckland…  As on that night on the  been a full moon it’s still spectacular to watch in full as the Terminator recedes but you’ll see less features of the Luna Landscape in which the Shadows in which showing it’s depths….

As the Moon rises later in the night as it wanes backwardly towards anew also the Winter Constellation Scorpio rises as well the rusty Planet Mars, also the Saturn with its tilted rings shown in view following Mars..

These two articles of photography is owned by Kevin James Ng, no reproduction in any form may be used for commercial usage…

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