Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

His Grave, “His Tardis Tomb.. Is not there anymore.. Where can it be…?”  As she ran out as her office as a massive section wall shed right off down several kilometers downwards to the below Coven streets of city, making its way several kilometers down with a puff of smoke slowly bellowing out from the dark covens section kilometers deepen floor of the city ..

“What has happen to him?” Sounds like he’s sort off been erased out from history how can that be so, unless there was someone else at work. Knowing him there’s quite a few people whom what to see him dead rather having him incurring on their plans, Orthough he did some good for them, in getting to know each other in a weird sort relationship.

“ Is there also another reason why the cloisters are ringing the Citadel shaking to death like a baby’s rattle … are we too close to the very edge end of time as the hybrid prophecy once stated .. ? “ as he asked the officer in the Citadel’s control war hall, as he turns to the other officers in the hall for some answers.. But none could supply an instant answer of that type….  “Can’t supply an answer yet Sir  … General… There’s one thing first why the Cloisters was activated prematurely first…. But how, by whom…?



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