STAR TREK ONLINE | Season 11 New Dawn…………very soon.. !!

Star Trek Online – season 11- the Terrain Empire awakens

On 27th October 2015 “season eleven of Star Trek Online” kicks in with the ending of the Iconian war that taking place right now until then. That something is brewing in the Mirror Universe in with the Terrain Empire exist as shown on during the original series.. Off “Mirror Mirror”, follow to that the Terrain Empire has grown even more encompassing size to the Andromeda Galaxy to defeat the Iconians on their end but as grown they over take the Original Universe in regards to technology…

In this season eleven, the Terrain Empire have decidedly to expand into the original Universe, from point trying to stepping a footing in the Bajorian System, where Deep space nine is the key position to invade from the full brutal force of Empress Leeta in which the role is reprises by Chase Masterson.. as many other cast members form Voyager and DS9 provided, reprising their roles also..


As the season continues it back to exploration, within the Milky way having the exploring more of the unexplored systems due to the build-up of the Iconian war… With exploration in mind the admiralty system allows you to explore awarding with your ships within you own fleet of ships in your drydock, not your Fleet mate’s thou that will be interesting to see what their ship is like… it should be very interesting to see you collection of ships that you worked hard on and crewed with exploration instead of the Digital officers assignments on various Shuttles Missions out from your ship’s Hanger.. Also part from season 11 is earning terrain Universe gear….


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