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It’s a story based on a Hong Kong Legend, whom is known as a Pirate King as Cheung Po Tsai whom wanted very much for his people, in turn of raiding ships in the south china sea for resources of sorts of revenue the Hong Kong Island’s population… during the last third of the Qing (Ching) Dynasty between 1644 to 1924 …. As the raiding continue, also the battling out with Qing Dynasty government  in the south China seas region of Guangdong coastal regions in which is known as Canton province..  During that time the Qing dynasty Government offered him a naval high ranking position of Colonel… In that time Cheung Po Tsai Fleet amass to least 600 ships of types with 50,000 crew…  In that time during the 1810 he surrendered to the Qing Government as progressively his losses increase in battle with the Qing Government in turn they offer him an Admiration office as patrolling the South China Sea From Pirates… in turn he was protecting his own interest and his own people of Hong Kong for any further incursions..

In the production of “Hong Kong TVB- Captain of Density” it takes on a very intriguing premise like “BBC’s Doctor who” but without having traveling and stuck in time progressively without a TARDIS premise… Based on legendary Cheung Po Tsai and his adventures during the later Qing (Ching) Dynasty but with an intriguing time travelling twist in the history of the legend of an incident in which a Hong Kong Police officer sergeant Wong Tai Mui (Grace Chan) while investigating something that leaded up in a failed Assassination of a well know Business person whom character is shady of sorts..  In that chase officer sergeant Wong Tai Mui chased a guy name Bowie whom befriended her before that incident… in that incident a water spout appeared in following boat chase she is pulled into it then travelling into a sort off a time vortex pulling her into the year of 1809 into a time when Cheung Po Tsai was setting up a trap to entice a Qing Naval vessel for ambush.. so he could accommodate their vessel in turn..  which will elaborate the episodes on this anniversary series..

Wong Tai Mui played by Grace Chan, in which is the lead.. Whom Travels back in time, brilliantly like the Doctor without a Tardis in which of the moments of a chasing Bowie… in this she gets along adventuring finding her Great Grandparents finding a clues in a recent search in her old neighborhood archives in turn she develops dual relationships with Cheung Po Tsai also the 11th prince (Ruco Chan)  in turns to be Cheung Po Tsai (Tony Hung)  Older Brother.. In turn there’s a power play for the throne with spoil princes, and the household… in this she finds herself in making history right but with a slight self-changes along the way..  In turn for the good such as Cheung Po Tsai going the direction of becoming an high ranking naval official.. as the storyline continues, there on an another eclipse from the other waterspout appeared as Cheung Po Tsai help to open up the portal that leads to Wong Tai Mui’s actual Time line

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