THE MARTIAN- Behind the scenes | the user interface what goes into the story…..



What also tells the stories is the Computer animations that describes the scenes in the background… in this, it’s about an Astronaut Mark Watney whom is lost to a mission to mars after a Martian sandstorm after his crew abandoned the Mission and making ways back to Earth moments later they realized that Mark ( Matt Damion) is alive and well after a trying to communicated back to NASA, having his team finding he’s still alive and well they proceed to rescued him on a perilously untried Mission to get him back safely, in “ The Martian”  screenplay from a Andy Weir’s novel ten years in the making in which the Story of place is twenty years from now..

In this, the production is heavily reliant of Material technical wise on the nearest detail with the advisement of NASA, in providing the graphical narrative of the story, with a heavy graphical nature to show the information of schematics, three dimensional displays of the Martian terrain, and mission information translating on relative technologies  … which reflects in today’s space systems technologies usage in the follow space craft in return to the NASA’S  Space Launch Systems Orion Command Module, with SpaceX Dragon  …   The effects was done who complied graphically narrative is “ Territory “

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