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As the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) returns with the impossible girl Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in series nine in screening back on 19th September 2015… in this season nine seems even darker than in the “Doctor Who”  50th anniversary of the two hour episode the Day of the Doctor…. Also the interesting thing though is the Master now knowingly as Missy  is seemingly helping out the Doctor and Clara, assuming that Missy do really fancy the Doctor as they have an interesting relationship in the past.. In this also we see the return of the Zygons as they have unfinished business yet as Ingrid Osgood is back from the death or that’s Zygon version of her.

With new monsters, beside the Daleks plus that strange city that looks like the early Dalek city on Skaro, Also interesting to say presumably could Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones- Arya Stark) be the second Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s Granddaughter from William Hartwell days when Susan decide to leave her grandfather and move in with her Teachers from Coal Hill School..  The very same school that Clara Oswald teaches..


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