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“ Tier six Battlecruiser  The Arbiter Class

“ Tier six Battlecruiser The Arbiter Class


In this Test drive of the “ Tier six Battlecruiser  The Arbiter Class” is one interesting ship… for a moderately size ship least than length of a Galaxy and little bit more of an Ambassador class can really give a good healthy punch and move on to the next too like its incumbent the Avenger class.. Having out fit with forwarding Dual Cannons, Torpedoes and rear turrets…  It becomes a full frontal ship.. So with this in mind I have to mind my forwarding shielding drainage. Also with an all beam and Torpedoes arrangement given that you rotating your Arbiter Class around you can minimize and even out shield drainage in which gives you maximum beam firepower in all sides of the ship…

Having changing, customizing the ships hulling and parts around, in between the Avenger and the Arbiter Class the ship evens out in moving quicker to meet the targets somehow make the ship shorter does make it rotate faster than a longer one…. This ship class is pretty interesting orthough modestly medium in size with Its hulling to match of an Odyssey class it moves faster with a crew of 500..

Orthough being a Tactical and Engineering ship, it can provide assists in repairing other ships in when the battle get tough… even though its nor a carrier class the Variable Auto- Targeting Armament does provides you with that coverage in that firefight..


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