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In this we see how “Taylor swift’s Bad Blood”   we see the visual break of how her music Video is constructed…  also inventive work of “Ingenuity studios, Taylor Swift also Joseph Khan on Blank Space” also whom done creative works ranging for Television, film, advertising and other various media like the visual effects to the Darker version of Power Rangers as one by one are eliminated in an ongoing war.    In “ Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood”, lot of physical sets, using a combinations of green blue screen with digital storyline sets composite to tell a story of an between rivalry  like in Louis Chas’s Return of the Condor Heroes two sisterly characters like Xiao Longnu’s – Taylor Swift- Catastrophe and Li Mochou-Selena Gomez- Arsyn


There were awesome movie numerous theme scenes, in which there was one level green screen like the matrix like office fight off with the office window greened out then later imposed with a London background… Also there was another interesting composition of where The Trinity’s head gear visual digitally superimpose akin to that famous Tron like bike race where using real bikes, then digital composing onto the real scene of a secret training organisation with Taylor –Catastrophe  and  her friends in preparation for what’s come in that explosive confrontation.. also Taylor’s Bad Blood could make a serious awesome movie…… !!

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