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Via -Star Trek Online - tier six pilot ship

Star Trek Online – tier six pilot ship


Coming soon on Star Trek Online is the “Pilot Ships” soon to be leaving your shipyard.  In this the Tier six ship is more basically design towards catering your Piloting skillset that you ascertain in between the piloting and command skill tree.. but this is more about Piloting  around so you could gain the tactical advantagement to out maneuvers you opponent…

With the Piloting Ships and your piloting skillset that you gain from your tree… you will ascertain with some interesting Flying moves like how Commander Tom Paris would do on USS Voyager with Rolls, dodging in by double tapping the keyboard with different selected keys or using the User interface for those moves as you used on the Piloting Maneuvers…

As each Piloting Manoeuvrings, there are used like on the same way of a drifting car or fighter aircraft in a dogfight doing some serious maunvering

Maunvering with AFTERBURNERS… With binary tapping of the W key will gives you a massive thrust of velocity in which will gives you that rapid escape out from a situation that it may arise not your favour but as you escape with that move it’ll give you a small dosage of these three abilities of immunity degree of damage…. As for the DOUBLE ROLLS, of binary tapping the keys of D or A will allow you to avoid a situation that you may not like… As for the RETROROCKETS, binary tapping the S key will allow your ship to move backwards like as an aircraft’s Air brake been turn on to maneuvers backwards to avoid a forwarding situation in combat..

Looking the Pilot Ships scale wise seemingly like on a larger version of the advanced Tactical escort.. Like the Defiant or Sao Paulo class.. this class can use Dual cannons also thinking it has the same weapons consolement of three rear and four five forward as like the Battlecruiser class of the Avenger class series..  all factions with this ship class has these abilities provide below…  it should be interesting to see if comes with a customising look of the ship to give it an advantage.. also its other advantages with its upcoming abilities.. And Traits..

As of the bridge seating is very hybrid in with the Command Tactical-Pilot Bridge officer seating..  But looking at the arrangement below it’s either a Science, Engineering ship….

Basic outline of Pilot Class-  via Star Trek Online

  • All Factions
    • Pilot Maneuvers
    • Commander Tactical/Pilot Bridge Officer Seat
    • Either a Lieutenant Science/Pilot Bridge Officer Seat or a Lieutenant Engineering/Pilot Bridge Officer seat, depending on the variant
    • Can Equip Dual Cannons
    • All new Starship Traits
    • All new consoles with powerful abilities
  • Klingons
    • Cloaking Device
  • Romulans
    • Romulan Battle Cloaking Device
    • Singularity Warp Core
      • 40 Base Power for All Sub-Systems
      • Plasma Shockwave
      • Quantum Absorption
      • Warp Shadows
      • Singularity Jump
      • Singularity Overcharge



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