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“… There’s Dinosaurs on a Space ship…!!!!”  -Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor

As the first” Doctor who” season eight- episode with the twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in trying to cope with the rehabilitation process of regeneration as he is nursing back to his self by his companion the Impossible girl, Clara Oswin Oswald  played by Jenna Louise Coleman , to make sure he Remembers to remember himself..  as their adventures continues in Victorian London with a T-Rex spatting out the TARDIS, then coming along with Team Madame Vastra..

As seen in this link clip the construction of “Milk-Vfx” BBC wales visual effects of Deep Breath….!

In this visual effects break down done by BAFTA awarding “Milk-VFX” like in akin like the almost the same process as the “ Legendary 2014 Godzilla” but with least intensely with of staying to the storyline and storyboard scenes..  Starting out with the Dinosaur wire frames sketchings to fleshing it out… With various composite layers to create the scene where the Dinosaur T-Rex is choking on something… logged in its throat trying to vomit it out… around Victorian London on the Parliament grounds…

The second one is interesting a slightly more complex to where we have a villain from the tenth Doctor’s past in that past the Girl in the Fireplace… where the Clockwork half face man goes through many developments in creating that look from using a mechanical clockwork under layer creating it as the clockwork organic flesh then fleshing it out to represent the character in animatronics form.. then translating complying the computer  wire frame face then to the in  composting the speaking  mouth together to get the Clockwork half face man..

Deep Breath is one of many memorable episodes, I like due to that the situation reminds to when David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor after the regeneration process where team Rose Tyler nursed him back to whom he is…. As to the process where Clara and Team Madame Vastra helping him to remember who he is…

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