STAR WARS | The Go Pro edition.. !

As events of “Star Wars” May the fourth be with you, celebration held all over the globe on May the Fourth, also this year the seventh episode of the Force Awakens installments on December this year… on this inspiration of where the Millennium Falcon is given a chase scene on which is shown on the deserts plains of the Planet Jakku by a few Tie Fighters trying to out maneuvering them out in to the caverns of the a large vessel…..

In this  amazing  chase Done by Chris Krozuski is given on one sleepy wintery town above K-mart..   By using various shots of using a Go Pro four…. With a help from a few friends of creating a CGI chase from the team, Iven Connery and Sebastian Hirch, creating the Millennium Falcon..  With the chase of the Tie Fighters James R. Bassett… With the score Two Steps from Hell – Interceptors duel…. The inspirational in creating the chase scene is Mark Edwards from “Star Trek Axanar for the designing sound tutorials…

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