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On a moderately fine Florida day on “Space X” launch complex forty, (SLC-40) On a Wednesday May sixth 2015… as that fine day came around on (SLC) Space Launch pad complex 40, at Cape Canaveral, Florida.. Where that Launch Pad complex is usually for commercial launching….

In this launch, it’s to elevate the operational of the Dragon nine reusable abort systems and learn from the launch to make any necessary changes before a manned Launch program on the Dragon nine reusable on the launch calendar of 2017… as within the ninety second duration the first stage launched at an altitude of 106 Kilometres over the Atlantic ocean  with firing its super Draco clustered engines launching both the first stage and the command module over to east wise  2.6 Kilometres off  the Cape Canaveral’s Launch complex…  the operational of the test  turns out as planned. ..It’s going to be interesting to see how the Dragon reusable is gonna to compete with Boeing’s Command module how it’s going to transport crew to in various mission specs…

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