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T6 Andromeda classes

Star Trek Online – Andromeda classes from a Fleet Exploration Class perspective


The “ Tier Six -Andromeda class” is one of the most versatile ships that I’ve yet now trailing out, it’s regardment is comparative to the Tier Six fleet Exploration class naming the Galaxy class… and yet the most dangerous  ship as to the Tier six Battlecruiser as a carrier vessel also to the Odyssey class..

In this case the Tier six Fleet exploration classes is basically a Engineering and Tactical due to  with five Engineering and three tactical also with three science consoles…in which those five Engineering and three Tactical consoles will make the Exploration class in to something like into a 642 meter long tank with some massive hulling ratings.. if you out fit the with various higher hulling consoles also as for sciences consoles on re-enforcing with various science consoles that suit your skill set abilities..

As to the Universal console _ the molecular Cohesion Nullifier it’s an interesting ability on line in very similar to the Borg’s set Tractor Beam… It syphons the ship’s energy drains it and feeding onto your systems to gain the upper hand…  to feed into your subsystems levels.. as you encounter more opponent ships you’ll do more damage as it spreads out once the console is active in close range..

There’s one advantage of many if you apply the Andromeda hulling to the Tier Six fleet -Exploration class, despite the good looks of the Andromeda it’s a well balance ship given that fight’s well with beam arrays and torpedoes, giving you the maximum coverage in defense when you alternate your Phaser Arcs  … also it moves swiftly faster around as when you saucer separation in between Engineering section or the Star Drive section in provide alike Shield and sword paring defense..  While you operate the sword and let your shield the saucer section shield you as long you’re in range with your shield…

As to saying that the Tier Six fleet  Exploration class is like having a Sword and Shield… it’s also going to be interesting to see if the guys at “Star Trek Online”  is when they’re going to bring out a Dreadnought carrier variant of the Andromeda  class.. With that in mind it’s like fighting with one sword and Two shields..  Saucer separation and

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