STAR WARS | the Imperial forces have breached Los Angeles…?


As seen on the last fan made “Star Wars” vlog that the Imperial forces have arrived at” Frankfurt international Airport”… setting up base and has it occupy the German city.. Also gearing up for an invasion of various parts of Earth in different key major cities all around the planet has the Death Star remains a float in the distance.. In this we see that the people of Los Angeles are putting up a rebellion resistance against the Imperial Empire… In which ground combat is utilities by various AT-AT Walkers pinning the resistances down like a scene what happen in Planet Hoth….In the scene also following with Aerial combat in between the United States Air force and the various Tie Fighters. In different parts of Los Angeles as in the Distances a Star Destroyer is watching the situation in to check if that Shuttle is going to make to the Griffith Observatory…  The Fan Made clip is brilliantly done by a Blogger, “Kaipojones.Com” whom done other recent works..

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