Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

In “Star Trek Renegades”, we see an situation where someone is attacking the United Federation of Planets Dilithuim supply lines also its source where it was mine in key places throughout the Federation… in where Dilithuim is the majority component of the Starships Warp Core reactor to drive a control reaction of energy to power up the major systems of a Starship..   in this scene we see Captain Lexxa Singh, Daughter of Khan Noonien Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson- Xena warrior princess Daughter)  … with a group of Renegades from different backgrounds form by Admiral Chekov, Turvok  and various others form the Admiralty to counter the threat that Moodenarr presented with mild disregards to the Prime Directive.. to save the Federation…

Star Trek Renegades is post production but is expected to have a warm awesome welcoming in between the Summer Fall of 2014…

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