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For the first time “NASA” appeared in “Comic Con San Diego” 2014, in the 45th anniversary of the Apollo eleven moon Luna Landing orthough it has been in social media events as Southwest by Southwest in Austin Texas.. During the event,  with a various panel selection on answering questions from NASA planning in space, to revisiting back to the moon, and to Mars, and other various from short medium to long exploration missions.. Many insightful question was posed, then answered as the panel when with guest on the panel were.. Astronaut Apollo 11- Buzz Aldrin…. Doctor Jim Green- NASA division of Planetary Science… Astronaut Mike Fincke… The Social media voice and engineer for the JPL’s Curiosity mission on Mars and Europa, Bobak Ferdowsi… the moderator for the NASA’s first time in Comic Con is Actor, producer, also a space enthusiast Seth Green.. known from Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire series…

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