STAR TREK | Renegades the film – it’s like Firefly in Star Trek. ….


Renegades can be describe like Joss Whedon’s Firefly but in Starfleet with a taste of BBC’s Sherlock..  But with a larger more aggressive ship ICARUS that the Klingons think only once in retreating without Honor… Given that Paramount, did panic on the production of the reboot of Abrams Star Trek, there are several Star Trek web series out there in the making in production that have the same quality premise as the original, the two “Star Trek Axanar” and “Star Trek Renegades” that have the same qualities of making it to the big screen also to be televised hopefully with given premise like how in Marvel and DC comics are franchising super heroines and heroes story arcs.. ..

Star Trek Renegades takes place a decade after USS Voyager returns home… and many of her crew have been displace or moved on from returning home from the Delta Quadrant… during after that decade something is not right in the United Federation of Planets.. Dilithuim rich planets are disappearing also it’s the life blood of the federation as to the Klingon Empire as so at Axanar the four year war..

A team is assembled of known wanted by Admiral Chekov (Walter Koenig) reprising is role as a great grandfather to a younger Chekhov, also Admiral Turvok section 31 chief to investigate the missing Dilithuim rich planets. In this they investigated by assemble crew lead by daughter Captain Lexxa Singh, played by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess)  as they operate outside Starfleet parameters where they can not

I love the way how each characters from The original Series  and from Voyager lived on and show how Chekov and Turvok lived on from Enterprise, Voyager bridge the gap how their lives developed over the course of years….. Especially Chekov seeing a lot as Turvok did when he first assign on t USS Excelsior … This story is also Captain Lexxa Singh story how she was a captive from childhood, due to her inheritance abilities from her Father the great of Khan Noonien Singh.


STAR TREK | renegades – an exclusive clip on the mission part..?

In “Star Trek Renegades”, we see an situation where someone is attacking the United Federation of Planets Dilithuim supply lines also its source where it was mine in key places throughout the Federation… in where Dilithuim is the majority component of the Starships Warp Core reactor to drive a control reaction of energy to power up the major systems of a Starship..   in this scene we see Captain Lexxa Singh, Daughter of Khan Noonien Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson- Xena warrior princess Daughter)  … with a group of Renegades from different backgrounds form by Admiral Chekov, Turvok  and various others form the Admiralty to counter the threat that Moodenarr presented with mild disregards to the Prime Directive.. to save the Federation…

Star Trek Renegades is post production but is expected to have a warm awesome welcoming in between the Summer Fall of 2014…