Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

In the latest of “Doctor Who”, is this another intriguing situation is we seeing  the Tardis door open, the console in working.. with this in mind what is going on.. then we start panning upwards seeing the Doctor mediating on top of the Tardis with somewhat like Earth in the background also it’s sun.. then he speaks out “Listen..”  Thinking that could the Doctor be using his psychic networking finding an answer like how Sherlock mind Place for deduction in clues… the last time we’ve seen something like that in nature is when Harold Saxton The Master” (John Simm) having the four beats implanted in him at a very young age by President Rassilon to pull Gallifrey back in from the Time Lock from the Time war..  or he’s simply doing some serious Sherlocking..

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