STAR TREK | _ engineering at NX 01 Enterprise- is on Deck four right…?

“To the brave men and women… of the starship Enterprise. ..” -Commander Charles Tucker the 3rd- Trip

If you wondering what deck four on the “NX 01 Enterprise” looks like and how it was created from perception scaled drawings on what an early form of Engineering having an very old warp core that powered up the ships systems and its Zefram Cochrane and Henry Archer warp five engine would look like… and it feel like you’re at the Warp Five Complex.. Seeing this ship been built…

From building the warp core first then building the surrounding deck in structures then applying the consoles, out from using various grades of wood constructing the framing works then adding the electrical and displays out creating a working model of the warp five engine at work with open panels that the brilliant Marathon Mill crew constructed… work also done by Doug Drexler and Mike Okuda…whom work on the past recent Star Trek series..

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