Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

“… Calling all Autobots.. Calling all Autobots…” – Optimus Prime… 

As you know “TRANSFORMERS-age of extinction” is on tomorrow or near in theaters 27th June 2014.. With a new faction to challenge the Autobots and its allies.. Including we finally get to see Dinobots such as Grimlock.. We get to see various locations of battlement zones as “Hong Kong (imagine Dragons)” and China, Chicago… also we get to see whom or who is the new Megatron.. in turn is the darker side of himself as Galvatron… a human made Decepticon manufactured in a Peking factory by  a company known as Kinetic Science institute how to reverse engineered their technology ..  What is also interesting to see the storyline of the “Creators” how they created the Cybertronians…


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