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Yesterday on the 30th May 2014, SpaceX‘s Elon Musk unveil the version two of the Dragon command module with the application repetitive testing of the Grasshopper retro landing system that does not required the need for  parachuting landing at sea, but rather retro landing back to earth basefully  on land in which the next generation of reusable command and launch modules or vehicles should be in lowering operational cost to get back into space also to lower the amount of waste and hazards in space to travel  too..

From looking at the whole vehicles, the service module is composite of solar arrays wrapped around the fuselage providing the power to the command module, in which during the process in de-orbiting back to earth the service module will depose of… in one innovate step the docking system of the Dragon V2, as a cone hatch, in which that will provide a more aerodynamic tool and assist in the process in re-entering also retro land as a real spacecraft should do like a Helicopter..  In the same manner like DC-X in the past..  also it can carry the same crew complement of the Space Shuttle program..

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