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Thinkgeek- game of thrones -house fleece blanket for winter

At the moment it’s winter over here, it’s cold very cold and as I’m typing this it’s about nine degrees Celsius… And recent night it’s been lower… And those has been very clear nights.. With that in mind, heavy layering blankets will trap the heat in while generating that warmth, and I was thinking of this adding more blankets. Like this it’s a Game of thrones Two side Fleece Blanket featuring two house Starks the grey and black, or the Targaryen black and red…

Both Starks and Targaryen fleece comes in a two sided featuring your house Sigll, with a house motto on the other side, the blanket has enough reasonable coverage wrap around in warmth for a single person… while it’s coverage is 60 by 46 inches.. Enough to sung up to for a good winter daytime weekend read…   Like to know more where you can get your Game of Thrones fleece Blanket from Thinkgeek..?

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