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As in star trek online where, you customized your character representation essence of you, also the Armoring  types, shields also the various mission Kits that provide you the numerous amounts of protection within the PVE, or PVP situations also the various devices that assist you fight the fight, with the provisions of  device to  assist you.  . In final Fantasy XIII series with Lighting returns the customization of you tailoring Claire Farron– lightnings clothing will give you a different skill sets of protection also abilities, in by going to the a tailoring store such as an outfitter to customized clothing for different mission specs and skill sets.

From what I gather that there are places around the township of Nova Chrysalia, in this case its Luxerion or Yusnaan where there are shops that  where you could purchase in redesigning Lightnings armouring in the local township’s blacksmith, known as a Forge. In this case presumably during the game play is that when you done enough you earn points or some sort of credits known as GIL’s in getting more tailoring or unlocks….. also in the process that you could buy sell items that you’ve ascertain along the way..

Like to know more about Lightnings Return in the Final Fantasy XIII series…..?

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