Doctor who | What’s a hashtag….?

The Doctor needs you..! #SAVETHEDAY

As the doctor says that the Doctor likes a hashtag, “Conversations across the universe all held together by tiny pins of Chattery topics……”  as part of the build up to the fifty anniversary of Doctor Who, “ The Day of the Doctor” which screens on the twenty third of November 2013, there’s a new game online where you  rebuild  the Type 40 Tardis, by sharing your social experiences on via Twitter, Facebook, instagram also via DW50..  where you could unlock several sneak peeks..  how to join in is on the menu… also other socials is found in Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Tumblr  also YouTube.. also it has where to watch DW50..

So on the countdown to the 23rd November 2013, here’s one of the way where you could help the Doctor to “Save the Day” in the Day of the Doctor….?

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