The NX series……

The NX class was commission on the year 2151, was constructed at the Warp five complex in which was the research and development on Earth,  between various partners, where among others like  Henry Archer, Zefram Cochrane, also Captain W.M. Jefferies  to develop the Warp five Engine.  During the 22rd century of the NX project construction process, the Enterprise NX-01 (Captain Jonathon Archer) was Launched on April the 16th 2151, weeks ahead than her sister Columbia NX-02 (Captain Erika Hernandez) in the following year of November 2154 due to engine troubles.

The NX class was a series of inspiration for future Starship design heritage for long range Starships as exploration vessels. It had as length of 225 meters long, having warp four point five as cruising speed, whereas for maximum warp 5.06 due to newly installed injectors, then for emergency warp 5.2.. Then as you and Diner Girl reads on it have armaments that that time it’s is armed with Photonic Torpedo’s, Phase Cannons, Spatial Torpedo’s, and Phased Hull Plating. On the information pad on  a tour of the NX-01 Enterprise,  that you two decide to do, after that first meet up that you guys while she work. blueprints of the NX class

You two notice, sharing notes, that she has more notes than you have, that the NX have changed from mark one to two in which it has an engineering section which provide abilities to do more extended exploration. But then you notice the ones that are seen around, are design for more of a tactical approach, but has a very light escort vessel, that it the ones that you’ve seeing in service now are the mark one replicas , but can do much more than warp five.

Touring around the impulse drives plus the engineering sections , you two notice it’s a lot different than from  starter and light ships,  it does have 10% shield strength plus with Speed and Maneuverability  of fourteen degrees per second and giving you .17 impulse more,  with damage also with a plus repair rate. But one good thing when she studied the weapons side it gives you a plus 15 for weapons to power. plus having a hull rating of ten thousand, with an average standard sheilds rating of 2,500…

You guys make it out onto the bridge, looking around seeing, exploring the stations consoles, of having one of each of Engineering, science, plus two tactical, as she rested,  sitting in the Captain’s chair, you notice this ship class didn’t have tractor beams till later on, it has a Universal Grappler console,  with lieutenants rank stations.. you guys were surprise that the it had eighty five crew on board, then later you and Diner girl share notes whether it was best to equip it with cannons , turrets forward torpedoes or  the two forward and rear beam arrays with one forward torpedo launcher, she won with the later configuration, given that having beams could cover a lot of firing range than cannons, plus it helps at the same time to have your shields regenerate faster, by moving at a different  tactically turns.

It was a the end of the day, you and Diner girl had a great time, you’ve learnt a lot from her, she thank you for the red skater dress that you gave her that she wore today,  and as you two departed from the Enterprise NX 01, in a shuttle, back to town, home, you look back and then to her,  wondering how come she know so much who is Diner girl..?, intrigued, she look back both your eyes met, smiling, you brushed her crimson red hair back, you guys kissed…..

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