For quite some time I’ve been using Star Walk, it’s been the mostly very help full planetarium app companion also akin to Solar Walk to most. It’s not that I’m switching, orthough I’ve got three weather apps that I’m currently reliability using.

At the moment, trying it out it’s seems to a combination of both, Star plus Solar walk, running at night mode. With one thing, when it first loads up, it has to have you location, which is essential in finding you the right map that you’re going to view in you location.

What separates in between the two is the display; star chart has more of GUI of head up display of a fighter aircraft’s targeting diamond squares to locate your Messier objects. Also it draws up instantly the stick diagrams of each constellation also its zodiac, like wise to Star walk also.  Star Chart’s HUD seems a lot sharper, in rather to the softer version of Star walks. However both  has augmented reality, But sorting out the  Star Chart’s AR can be tricky thou, where Star Walks is automatically on the GUI’s HUD.

I’ve notice this is great for the iPad devices, the tablet, or given that you’ve got a Windows eight computer with touch screen,  Microsoft surface. instead of using a phone, where you could maximized the  experience in using Star Chart App.

Orthough this App may appears to be free, but for the additional extras of finding more items in the night sky it does cost added to almost the same amount of purchasing but more than of Vito Technology’s Star and Solar Walk. The extra’s come in segmentally purchasing  as Satellites, $1.99, Meteor Showers, $2.99, Comets, $2.99, Extended Solar System$2.99, Enhanced Constellations$4.99, Extended Star Catalog$9.99, Enhanced Messier Catalog$4.99..

Star char is Produce by Feel Great Publishing Limited.

The App can be found in  iTunes, Google Play, Window 8 app store, Windows phone, Samsung Apps store, also Amazon App store.

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