Constitution – the diner girl that gave you advice and history.

The original series constitution class is one of the most promenade classes, constructed; it was first lay to be constructed as heavy cruisers of those days circa 2240, they were the front line vessels.  They were equvilant to the Klingon D7 classes. Its design inspiration came from the older Mark two retrofitted NX series classes in which of Admiral Archer commanded, with the addition of an engineering hulling to give the NX series more mission duration. As you reading  on your  padd then….

That diner girl whom gave you a good constitution of a good slice of Apple pie, will tells you all about the constitution class design line history, how it serve many captains over years when they’re  lieutenant ranked. Has she come by giving you another round of freshly brewed coffee in your cup? She sits in the chair opposite to you, explaining the basics of what this ship could do, saying its’ still a post starter ship, also a light Cruiser. She then explains its basic hull rating of twelve thousand, with two forward weapons and one rear.

In turn you pour her a cup of coffee, as you learn, listen digestively from her, that the Miranda class variant you have doesn’t cut what ship you’re about to have constructed at Starfleet San Francisco ship yards. You listen,  educated that  by her telling you’re ship has more speed and manverability, with plus thirty percent hull strength,  that it’s repair rate process are better than you current ship, it has two device slots, also that your subsystems are given plus five more.

Also she tells you that you’re ship is averagely crew by 200, having three ensigns stations, with additional .2 impulse with a shields plus one,  also given the size of the Connie it will dive, attack shoot pretty easy than the larger classes of  ship that you’ve been looking at first day when you shuttle craft to Earth Space Dock.

The Diner about to be close for the night,  she returns  to clean up, you exited out from the diner, then starts walking into town.  As you walked further, you notice a strange sound, coming behind you its looks like a classic crimson red white stripe 1969 convertible Cadillac, Deville guessing….  It stops along side you, noticing the driver it’s Diner Girl. She tells you to get in. you did.  She takes you into the shopping district, stopping in front of a dress fashion store.  You guys got out. And start window shopping, you thank her, for the help. She said that’s okay. You’re thinking why we’re window shopping into a fashion store, then she turns to you an explains equipping your ship is like accessorising like with those two engineering, on science, also one tactical console.

As you two left for the night, and you caught the hover bus home.  The next day you came back to the diner, and met the girl whom taught you, rewarding her with present from that fashion store last night, and a skater dress, in Taylor Swift red.

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