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“ Don’t Blink, just do not Blink…. “  you’re looking  at a weeping angel… “do not blink..!” okay now it’s gone..

Given that you have experience the awesome BBC proms in London,  which happens to fall on July 2013 this year with an awesomeness of having being invade by Daleks, Cybermen,  Judoons, Icemen, the scary weeping angels, the Silence, plus many other  Doctors Who monsters, also save by The Doctor and his companions. Celebrating the 50th year Anniversary of Doctor Who as many other Doctor Who event’s taking place around world in readiness of cool celebration .  also the event is a part of New Zealand Festival, also contributing to the beautiful symphony compose by Murray Gold is the New Zealand Symphony orchestras.

Well there’s one good news, the Doctor Who prom is coming to Wellington, New Zealand at the TSB Bank Arena in Wellington, New Zealand. The Doctor Who Prom is held over a two nights, on Friday 21st February at 18:30 hours, also the other is on Saturday 22rd February, 2013 with two shows, at 14:00 hours also at 18:30 hours New Zealand time.

So ready your Sonic screwdrivers to save the world….

For bookings information it’s here at

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