the Dalek eye stalk…..?

dalek eye stalk torch found here at

I once written a post on A red Dalek dress, in which is very classically Skaro, from Her universe  , also in mind, I’ve forgotten to accessories it with the extra details until I’ve found the Dalek eye stalk torch. Besides of having the Master’s laser Screwdriver to counter the Doctor’s bouquets of Sonic Screwdriver.  This eye stalk is menacing, when lighten it plays its menacing Skaroian Dalek voice shouting angry than they can’t touch feel enough to say “ You are the Doctor, You Must Be Exterminated..! “ “YOU Must be Exterminated” or “Scan Reveals Nothing…! “

It’s very nice and simple it’s nine and sixth inches long, smaller length than from the Dalek standard, unless it’s the Alyssum standard, or thought it’s not charge by time rift, it’s charged by two AA batteries.

One good thing having the eye stalk torch is that you could scare the living daylights out of people whom intruded at night, all you have to do set the eye stalk at reasonable height, and have the handy dalek Exterminate ray gun sound.

like to know more where you could get you Dalek Eye Stalk…. it’s here at

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