My Thoughts | Hailey Bright is Diana – Wonder Woman…?

Looking at first impression trailer shorts, for Wonder Woman, and again, thinking that there should be a Wonder woman television series reboot, in sync with leading up to the Justice of League premise that’s slowly coming out in the theaters.

With the same cast and crew whom directing intensely this gripping scene, where the given premise, where it was a beautifully date night between glorious couple, then led to a street mugging, where the lead villain just like to unsuccessfully required her phone information, in resulting to force negotiations having the boyfriend suffering in the beat up then later Diana reveals herself in extremely hell Kicking Ass out of the muggers, also its lead villain, having Diana saving the night.

Given the same cast and crew in producing Wonder Woman, has Hailey Bright is Diana the lead, It be great to see the production has same budget akin like to Smallville or to the Arrow’s to produce the Television series, in a way it in syncs with the given Movie premise, like from the younger Diana beginnings to almost to point where she meets up and become one of the Justice League…. in the same case the television – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in which is a spin off from the Avengers movies series.

The first impressions of Hailey’s portrayal of Diana, Wonder Woman is directed by Leo Kei Angelos, written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos, Produced by George H Ruiz, Original music by Glen Cheney

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