Lost three times again…?

SOUTH Three points crux archerna

graphics using stellarium

If you lost in somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere…? There’re three ways in finding your way in way found, finding your way around on this Planet’s southern parts.  First thing, three things, bright starry objects in the night sky, the Southern Cross, The Canopus star also the Achernar.

Now this first method finding south is pretty much easy and effective, a you need is the star Crux, which is the,  tail end  of the  Southern Cross,  and Achernar. Once found, draw a straight tangent line between the two star points,  and bisect the line between Crux and Achernar. Once you found the  bisect in between that’s the celestial south pole ( where the red square is),  then through  left arm back  one eighty degrees, you found North, then the ninety degrees from both arms you swing your left and right arms clockwise you found East on you Left and West on your Right.

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