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I previous did a post about the Qmx Starship Enterprise, also the Revell model kitset version,  found this you tube clip try to figure out the scale and size of this beautifully made crafted model would look like. It comes out unboxed in durable wooden casing, like the ones that appears in mystery movies and novels of the 1920’s. It’s silhouetted in multiples of sandwich layers of soft cushioned foam. With it comes a remote to command the interior lights to lit up, with an interesting feature of the rotating suction fans in the cool blue buzzards collectors in which they are position in front of each of the warp nacelles, sucking in the protons or hydrogen to refuel in just in case the primary Deuterium tanks are exhausted of enriched protons of slush heavy water, from the space.

You tube clip from-  Ted Radanall

What also comes in with the package wooden crate  is a power supply charger, also with a durable weighted stand, and mirrored platform, so you could see the  underside of the reboot J.J Abrams Constitution class Enterprise,  also the warp nacelles cavity emissions.  One beautifully inmate detailing is the Aztec pearly shades of grey whit on the hulling on the primary and engineering section.  Also the detailing very end interior of the Shuttle bay. Interesting if they will do a an original timeline process of the Enterprises…? We’ll  see….

Like to know more how to get your reboot QMX J.J. Abrams Constitution Class Enterprise….?

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