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For the month of April in Auckland’s night sky, it has been on interesting one, where seeing more of Saturn rising early in the East, timey averaging of from 1800 hours from about and angle of sixty four degrees  from the eastern horizon, between the constellations of Virgo and Libra.    It’s still also visible to view the last moments of Jupiter has it sets down in Westfully very early in the timings of between 1940 to 2030 hours in the evening.    Also what settling down is the Orion, with Canis Major plus Minor giving away to the rise in the moderately late evening of the Scorpio and Sagittarius, showing you the way into the centre iris of our galaxy the Milky Way.

In during the month of April, you’ll get to see the Moon, Luna lacy cratered textured dress surface. Progressively through the month, as the shadowed, lighted  terminator  graduately  revealing  the intricate layers of her various  fabrics surface,   has the days and weeks progress, lighting up the cratered layers shadowing the lighted grey white linings of the early Luna’s terrain.  When she runway across the night sky it best to view when she’s in first or second quarter lighted, in which you could see Luna’s  craters in depth as the  shadow it cast on the surface showing its height.  If she was fully lighted in full moon, you’ll see the beautifully intricate cratered lacy woven surface, but not the ever so woven depths though.

Weather wise, it got slightly colder, transitioning to from the early autumn spring, to more climatic autumn where wearing beanies and layered clothing, Jackets and full length wool socks is a must prescription, with fashionably classic durable sense boots in mind to keep your foot and legs warm.  Most of the weather was behaving properly; clear nights, with crispy sharp star diamond paved skies.   As for strong stern drinks when doing out doors observing the night sky, you poison will be a either combination of variants of Hot chocolate, and coffee drinks to keep you internal engine warm to explore the wonders….. of what uniquely is above..

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