Star trek online- Fleet bases

There’s one good news that coming along, is that there’s going to be hopefully Fleet Bases for fleets that they could meet, construct and work together on this, this is basically the guild hall on a massive scale, where you among others within your fleet could do doff missions, and build.  the Star bases are going to be in progressive from one to five tier construction from what I gather, from the description to leading to season six on star trek online dev post. and the discussions on the forums which is pretty cool!, it”s been a long time waiting, finding somewhere where the Fleet could hangout in, and instead creating a foundry file mission where to team up in fleet and visiting place where it’s restrictive in one asspect.

With this in mind, this probably encourages more players to work together, and form new Fleets or guilds, and some what interesting point that came to mind is does this allow for the free to player gamers, or is it for subscribers. if it allows for F2P players they would have to work extra harder to for a fleet and their base of operations that they call home.

For more information on the forum news check out here, also there’s more informaton as the fleet bases develops in more on Star Trek online Dev’s post on the Teir layout structure, also the Dev’s forum on the season six post two.


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