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When I first look at the Google Glass spectacles, I was amazed of how one device could eventually and evolve to become some thing else very much more. When you look at first of the concept of the Google Glass you see a daily moments of a guys whom gets up does his morning rounds, contacting his girl friend first then his best mate for a coffee meet-up.

One of the many aspects of this it can be used in designing in gaming, working, in health assistances, in engineering, and in educational learning as a great tool.

The thoughts that I had when I’ve seen this device is that it’s only a platform of what’s to come in the very immediate present, the devices that are there. Pretty much on the same analogy concept of purchasing a standard stock Land Rover Defender, the very benchmark of four-wheel drives, then later modifying  it with so many options to apply to many different applications of used.

In the aspects of design for the gaming platform in using a smaller Microsoft Kinect system, you could have this device in reading you arms and hands movement rather than reading your whole body imprint.  With this in mine you could construct a virtual AR keyboard and this concepts replaces the physical keyboard and mouse used. Where the used of standard gestures could determination of de or activation a AR mouse in use. or using the inbuilt Kinect system, it could sync in with the PC Kinect Monitor’s integrated system as well to utilized the full body imprint reading movement. And given if Apple had this in mind in sync with the next generation series of the iPhone and the iPad devices.  Given that the Micro Kinect system implaced, seeing that your fingers typing away on an AR keyboard mouse, and seeing you gesturing to different command on a AR screen.  with this in mind this replaces the larger displays like in the Tom Cruise Movie Minority Report.

Given if the Kinect system and the Google-glass process integrated together, there would be many advantages to numerous amounts of field applications, in education, medical, engineering, gaming, also social networking also media.

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