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On a previous post that I’ve written regarding to the Mark two version  of what the Google Glass specs could be with a micro Kinect system attach to the head set unit itself, the possibilities in using. On interesting aspect you may wonder is that this will give the advantages to the students in there studies.

Say  in one of many situation where a student becomes sick, and can’t attend school, or the classes to catch up, and have a awesome wifi connection home wide. The student can restfully study in bed, bedroom or in the lounge where she or he could interact with class room live remotely.

Remember the hand gesturing read from the inbuilt with headset previously, in a class room situation, adding another component to the mix, a AR black board, where the student could freely draw up holding either finger where she or he is right or left handed, and start writing up equations on the AR blackboard.  With this in mind the student could interact with the class room environment, like sharing notes and ideas around without missing out the cool fun in learning.

With this aspect in mind, one could setup a group tutorial session like Google Hangouts, with the teacher, and clarify any points, questions that may have been missed in the classroom at schools time, where some homework question that need asking to the teacher with a teachers aid just in case for further assistances at school.

Another situation where this provides useful where the class size outsize the physical seating of the lecture theater room at University, the student is at home, or in the library studying while the lecture session taking place. Given this mind instead of having lock numbers of enrollments they could increase enrollments , and opening up to other students internationally attend through that method of virtual classrooms.   Like for an example of this Google Hangouts where this is the reverse of the Teacher is at home teaching her students.

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