How many times that, when you look up the stars and wonder which is which. Well few weeks ago I’ve download a very useful app from the iTunes store. It’s very, well so very useful. I practical use it when I’m outdoors viewing the stars at night with the very helpful assistance of manually use a Meade telescope.

The app is call Stellaruim, I’ve used in the past, the PC version, it’s very easy to use. When you use the Pc version it’s best to locate your position first, so the Stellaruim knows where you are so it can best find you the viewing positions for you to view the stars and other stella objects in the night and day skies.  the program is very easy to use it has time lapse so you could see the motions through out the night and day sky forward and back in time as the sky motions around.  

One of the many features around it, it has settings menu, which allow you to customised your background,scripts  into the software, like changing the background sence, the amount of information that you like to see on, like, star lines, constellations grid lines.  Other features that I like about stellaruim is the information about the stella object that you’ve lock on, when using the app it does the same but with the an extra feature which utilities the GPS features on the iphone.  which give you more exact viewable location.

With the iPhone app it’s a much nice feel, your astronomy friends will probably envy for the abilities it does, it’s portable than using a laptop, and you can utilize the touch features of the iPhone,  and it’s quite sassy! 

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