Armageddon 2009 | AKL

Armageddon 2009,  is Auckland version of Comic Con. In which happens every year in the late months of October. This year it has a much larger convention center than the last location which outgrew itself due to the popularity due to the same as the San Diego Comic Con which has now grew into  three convention centers, pretty much the same  as the Auckland one, going from to five times the size.

Auckland Armageddon is pretty much like Comic Con SD, but only smaller, it has the Cosplays, Computer gaming on all platforms, the panels of Actors, and merchandising stalls of sorts, which have grown diversity in the range of products. well all of the awesomeness spirit of well-being Comic Con with all.

The photos taken are a little much like JJ Abrams, shuttering and Jerky, at the time, I was using my first digital camera HP 435, 3.3MP,  and 5xzoom. But my degree of photography isn’t that great, at that time, due to the equipment or without a decent tripod. or simply that I’ve may have way too… many energy drinks on that day!

Armageddon is pretty much an annual event, a tradition for me.  Also for the place where I work at the Stardome planetarium  Obseveratory.  Traditionally we run a stall promoting what Stardome is promoting Astronomy, the planetarium Ether and Suther shows on a Digstar 4 systems. It’s also about, meeting  great exciting people too!   Oh, there’s another thing to shopping for hard to find awesome stuff that’s not yet in retail yet which is a treat.

The gaming is immense with game houses, Sony Playstation, Microsoft 360’s EA, Electronic Arts, Rocstar games, and there are lots loads more. Another part of gaming is the card gaming, like WOW, War of Warcraft. Pokemon, Dungeon and Dragons.  Most of the time I just stand there and watch and learn, seldom when’s ever there’s  an opening……. it’s all game on!

This year it’ll be a little different, the first year of Armageddon at ASB Expo’  everyone  was at this stage experimenting, trying, testing it out, see what works, what doesn’t and what improvements can be made from going to a large venue from small one…..

When October comes, I’ll blog it, and let you know how this years differs from the last!

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