Postcards from the Moon.

By night, or most nights I work at the Auckland Observatory, operating the Backyard telescopes.  Most nights are awesome due to clear night sky, which means to view the  Southern night skies,  to many of  the patrons whom visit at Auckland Observatory.

Most of the nights viewing are pretty spectacular in seeing through the  telescopes. from a Stella sparkle like points of light  to a breath-taking view of Planets from Saturn, Mars, Venus, also Jupiter, and what’s even more brilliant about the viewing, its moons of other planets that you could see also, timeless.  Other stella objects that stella bling are the constellations of stars that make up the diamond glittered scarf that creates the Milky way, a place that we call home. 

Most of  the time I do photography of the moon. The Moon is one of my favourites, due the visibility on a delightfully clear night.  The equipment used  are pretty simple. Two Meade’s  LX200 one is a eight and the other is ten inch mirror, and a simple Sony digital camera, DSC-W180.  But some when getting the best definition of resolution, always pays to get the larger mirror, like comparing between 42 to 50 inch plasma LCD display, or to say engine size. to exhaust the more power of light into the lens.  In telescope brand Meade then to Celsletrons are  excellent, but since I use meades most the time!  Meade’s comes out in front.



Moon crater Mare Imbrium.

One nice thing about the Sony CyberShot DSC-W180, its remarkable lens, it’s small enough to fit into a  reasonable one inch diameter lens to gain a little practice or even more to master to getting post cards type photos of the Moon.

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