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The National Museum of China中国国家博物馆; flanks the eastern side of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. The museum’s mission is to educate about the arts and history of China. It is directed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. 16 E Chang’an St, 前门 Dongcheng, China, 100051…. China, People’s Republic of China.

On the week of 20th January 2023 just before the Chinese Lunar New Year eve of the Year of the Rabbit The hall of the National Museum has recently exhibited a lot of aerospace exhibits. In addition to the Chang Zheng Long March 10 and the Sky Survey Telescope, there are also models of the Chinese space station assembly, the return capsule of the Shenzhou spacecraft and the actual parachute, the escape tower of the Chang-2 F, the Chang-2 F/Chang 7/Chang 5 B model, YF-20/100/77 engine, etc. These exhibits may not be permanent. Friends who are interested in Beijing or other places must seize the opportunity!

The China Space Station Sky Survey Space Telescope (CSST) model exhibited by the National Museum is quite high-precision, and its overall structural layout is clear at a glance. It is mainly composed of two parts: the optical cabin and the service cabin. The overall outer diameter is about 4.2 meters, and the diameter of the main mirror is about 2 meters. .
In terms of the external structure of the cabin, it can be seen that there are a pair of solar wings on both sides of the service cabin, 5 control moment gyroscopes, a relay communication antenna, a mechanical arm docking port on the top, and a space station docking port and related equipment for rendezvous and docking at the rear; the optical cabin It is covered with handles for astronauts to go out of the cabin, and 4 star sensors.

In addition, CSST has a total of 3 types of 48 attitude control engines installed, including 16 forward 150N, reverse 4 150N, rotation 12 10N, pitch 8 25N, yaw 8 25N, visual judgment is not guaranteed to be completely correct

Images and visuals are of their Respectives – Photographed by 深蓝之日DBS

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