#AIRBUS #A350WXB | First of her #日本航空 #JAL #JapanAirline sisters fleet – first delivery of the #A350900 of A milestone event..

On 13th June 2019  From Airbus aircraft delivery centre in Toulouse France it was the first delivery of the one of few Japan’s leading airlines Japan Airlines, in which other was ANA- All Nippon Airways in which recently took delivery of their A380’s of a fleet of five..  on a historic occasion in which Airbus and Japan Airlines celebrated the first delivery in first in fifty years, in which currently Japan Airlines fleet is majority complied of Boeing airliners..  which on ordering eighteen A350-900 also Airbus 350-1000 with a total of thirty one Airbus 350XWB fleet .. this fleet is the replacement of the current fleet of the ageing Boeing 747-400 fleet in replacement programme have undertaking of seven years.. as to date the Airbus 350 XWB is the number one wide body aircraft, in which is the successive..

Taking its first delivery, of the A350-900 A350WXB of its milestone event in which attendant by Japan Airlines representatives also from Airbus Director and Chairman Yoshiharu Ueki and Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer…… it newly assemble fleet soon in the making will be dedicated on a highly frequency flight routes domestically for the A350-900 series.. While the A350-1000 is dedicated for the long haul international flights… The first is the dedicated for the domestic fleet for Haneda –Fukuoka flight route in its first flight route starts at September 2019…..

The typical cabin layout of the all new Japan Airlines Airbus 350-900 is the a three class configuration with twelve seats of first class, ninety four in J-Class also with 263 seats in Comfort Economy …. It’s also that Japan Airlines have following Cathay Pacific Airways direction in using blending Aviation Fuels in which of a combination of convention and synthetic fuel in order to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions … in which most of Cathay Pacific’s A350 series fleet uses Biofuels as a first airliner to do to Carbon Dioxide Reductions.

Featuring with Airbus Innovative Airspace by Airbus Cabins in featuring extra layering of comfort in which new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest… as part of that comfort is WiFi systems in which connects you towards  the rest of the internet connectivity in which from keeping up with you socials towards  allowing you to work while you’re travelling on flight long haul..  Featuring with the advance Airspace Cabin environmental systems it features with the advance Air conditioning systems giving you that right temperature management among with mood lighting ensuring giving passengers that sense of minimizing jet lag as they fly inwardly towards their destination..Also fine tuning with its Rolls Royce Trent XWB Engines for that extensive range…..

Image credit is Airbus- Photographer P. Masclet-A Doumenjou-Master Films 


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