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CNSA China National Space Administration Long March 11 Y6 Carrier Rocket payload stage. Source CGTN

On Monday  21st January 2019 1342 hours Beijing time, CNSA China National Space Administration launched a reliable Long March 11 Y6 Carrier Rocket in which from many of its launching facilities, launching from Jiuquan Satellite Center from North West China….. In which deploying four satellites into orbit…. Which they were in the CZ11 payload flaring… Monday’s Launch has been the two hundred and ninety nine launched, in which making the second successfully launching in for the 2019 calendar year…

The four Satellites are a couple (Auspicious Forest) Jilin 1 one and two.. In which are designated as Earth Sciences remote satellites in which are provisionments with providing observationally data analysis of forestry, marine navigation, weather disaster forecasting management for its clients.. In which it forms a constellation network further of four…

The third is the Lingque One- A is designated as a telecommunications satellite, also provisionments for inter satellite communications relaying in a networking array…   The fourth  XiaoXiang one- three is an experimental testing satellite in which is provisionment is for a Private  Company of providing radio telecommunications with remote sensing equipment installed..

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